Proposal: Social Networking Project Proposal
Option A:
Project design and implementation of a unique social networking community to support the information, learning, social and/or organisational needs of a group of people.
Social Networking Technology:
The social networking technology that will be used in this project will be Facebook .
Share and Support Network for S.A. Teachers and Teacher Librarians for the Australian Curriculum: Share Network for the Australian Curriculum S.A. - SNAC SA
A social network community aimed at supporting teachers and teacher librarians in the ongoing implementation of the Australian Curriculum. The site will address the concerns of the teaching community of South Australia toward the new curriculum and provide an outlet for educators to discuss and share learning processes, inquiry approaches, resources, Web 2.0 applications as well as offer support to one another.
The Facebook page will provide a platform where educators can ‘connect and share’, regardless of geographic location. It is hoped that the range of users will extend beyond that of Adelaide and South Australia to draw upon the breadth of knowledge and innovation of teachers across the country.
Project Plan:
Week 1 – Week 5:
  • Gauge interest of social networking site for proposal through dialogue with teachers at school staff meeting. After discussing the possibility of such a group with staff members I am encouraged by the interest of potential members.
  • Create Facebook Group.
  • Send email via Learnlink informing teachers (from my school as well as other teachers who I am already connected to on various social networks) about the Facebook Group. Invite teachers to join by explicating stating how resources will be shared.
  • Create doc re: Pathfinders for History Year 7 Australian Curriculum
  • Start discussion on area of curriculum: History
  • Gather weekly statistics: number of members, number of shared resources
  • Ongoing - Check Facebook page for contributions and responses; keep checking Facebook page on daily basis to gauge useage.
18/12/12 – Created Facebook group: Share Network for the Australian Curriculum, SA
If you build it, they will come! At least, that's what I hope. I've invited about 23 teachers so far and have sent out an email on Learnlink to more teachers from East Adelaide Primary. I can see that people are having a look, so now I just have to wait for someone, other than myself, to start adding documents or files.