When I think of 'social networking' the words that come to mind are, 'share', 'community', 'commonality' and 'connecting'. Becoming part of a wider online community who share common interests and ideas and who want to connect with others is at the core of participating and using social networking sites. Throughout history, people have created a variety of venues to network socially. In the ancient world, 'forums' were public gathering places open for discussion or to conduct business. Today, we use forums in a similar way. Our motives for communicating and sharing ideas are not that far removed from ancient times. We still require the need to connect and share within a community of individuals. Today, only our methods have changed.

Of course, social networking can also be contentious. In a recent staff meeting a proposal was forwarded to connect the school and parents through social networking tools such as, Facebook or Twitter. A recent 'lock down' proved that some parents use social network sites like Facebook to express negative opinions about the school and use it to express criticism and unconstructive statements. On the other hand, Facebook and Twitter proved to be beneficial. Social networking became central to communicating the status of the tense situation to the school community. This scenario proved that one opinion on a Facebook site can be very influential in a situation such as this, even if it is erroneous and misguided. For this reason a description of 'social networking' must also include 'responsibility'. Without responsible use, social networking becomes coercive not connective. Understandably, 'social networking' is not for everybody nor is it for every situation but when used in a positive way can be a highly effective and efficient way of communicating and sharing information.

Social Networking that I use:


Personal: Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Blogs
Work: Edmodo, Learnlink, WordPress, Weebly, YouTube
Study: Interact - Forums, Blogs, Weebly, Wikispaces, WordPress, Twitter, Delicious

What I expect to learn from this subject:

What I am hoping to discover and learn from INF506 is how to effectively use social media in the context of the school community and in particular, the library. I am hoping to examine a variety of social networking tools and technologies and understand how to best utilize them in an educational setting. I would also like to explore social networking policies and procedures and understand how they are best implemented.